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Intake Penthouse


As more data center operators work to reduce energy use in their facilities, they are taking advantage of research that has led ASHRAE design guidelines to higher “cooling” temperatures for data centers. These elevated temperatures make “fresh air” cooling possible during many hours of the year in most locations. However, this still requires large volumes of filtered air to accomplish. Mestex Mission Critical Intake Penthouses are designed to fill this need. These large intake air units are available in sizes from 40,000 CFM to 240,000 CFM. Each penthouse come with 2” filter racks, lockable access doors, drain pans, and safety floor grates. Units are intended to be installed on roof curbs provided by others.


  • Air intake capacity from 40,000 to 240,000 cfm
  • Water resistant intake louvers or optional intake hoods
  • Openings sized to mitigate risk of water intake into the building
  • 2” filter racks standard
  • Optional rack for 1” or 2” air tempering water coils
  • Steel or aluminum construction
  • Lockable access doors on both ends of units
  • Welded stainless steel drain pans
  • Heavy duty steel or aluminum safety grates over air openings
Solid construction for fewer problems

Single piece base construction for most sizes

Field proven base design for strength and integrity

Mestex Mission Critical Intake Penthouses are factory assembled in single piece units up to 120,000 CFM capacity. Units over that capacity, up to 240,000 CFM, are shipped in two sections for field connection. Large air intake openings are designed to minimize risk of water intake due to air velocity and also to reduce static pressure.

  • Single wall construction to minimize roof loading
  • Optional aluminum construction to reduce roof loading
  • Large, lockable, access doors on ends of unit
  • 2” filter racks standard
  • Welded stainless steel drain pan
Certified factory welders

Welded strength and integrity

Minimized flex and leaks

In addition to other features of the Intake Penthouse units, all base assemblies are factory welded for strength and water resistance. Bases are preassembled on fixtures to assure consistent sizing to matching roof curbs provided by others.

  • Factory welded assembly of bases
  • Consistent sizing for matching units
Built in cleanliness

Pretreated Outside Air

Optional economizer coil racks

Units come standard with filter racks to accommodate up to 2 rows of 2” filters. Filter racks are designed for a V-configuration in order to maintain a low face velocity and minimized risk of water intake. Filters slide into the racks from the ends through lockable access doors.

  • V configuration filter racks for reduced filter face velocity
  • Vertical reinforcements, as needed, to prevent sagging
  • Filters can be provided as a factory option