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Many applications call for large amounts of fresh air for ventilation of battery rooms. The Mestex Mission Critical CRAHU units were designed specifically to fulfill this requirement. Units are available with air delivery capacity from 10,000 cfm to 40,000 cfm. Mestex CRAHU units feature multiple AMCA certified fan arrangements with fixed or variable speed fan motors...either AC or ECM drives. Mixing dampers for more precise temperature and humidity control are standard. Cooling can be provided by direct evaporative media (100% Outside Air Configuration), DX coil, or CHW coil. Filter racks for 2” media are provided. Units are intended for installation inside the room and are delivered in three sections that stack easily in the field. Standard controls are DDC configured to the operator’s specifications. Cabinets are painted steel or aluminum to meet owner specifications.


  • Air delivery from 10,000 to 40,000 cfm
  • Cooling via direct evaporation, DX coils, or CHW coils
  • Mixing dampers for more precise temperature and humidity control
  • Multiple AMCA certified fans with AC or ECM drives...fixed or variable speed
  • Copper piping throughout as needed for cooling configuration
  • Optional in-line UV water filters
  • 2” filter racks standard
  • Digital controls as specified
  • ETL safety listing
On-floor or underfloor air distribution

Stackable fan, cooling, and mixing sections

Simplified interior zone installation

Mestex Mission Critical CRAHU units feature large, lockable, access doors for access to filter media, and for evaporative cooling configurations, access to evaporative media and sump pump(s), Doors and panels are double wall foam filled. Unit drain pans are welded stainless steel designed in compliance with ASHRAE standards for drainage to the exterior of the unit. Drain pans for DX and CHW configurations are the same.

  • Double wall construction
  • Large, lockable, access doors on front of unit and on control side of unit
  • 2” filter racks standard
  • Welded stainless steel drain pan
Power, control, and water distribution

Factory tested control

Designed to meet ETL safety certification

When required, all internal piping for Mestex Mission Critical CRAHU equipment is copper with manual isolation valves, digital control valves, in-line filters, and optional in-line UV water treatment. Water distribution section and low voltage control section are separated from high voltage section behind a large access door with power interlock for safety. Units are also ETL certified for safety. All internal panel penetrations are grommeted for protection of piping and electrical wiring.

  • Copper piping
  • In-line water filters
  • Isolation valves for system maintenance
  • Digital control valves
  • Separate high and low voltage sections with door interlock
  • ETL safety certification
Configurable information display

Standard digital controls

Real time operating conditions

Mestex Mission Critical CRAHUs are standard with digital controls that are programmed to optimize energy use, more tightly control temperature and humidity, monitor operating parameters in real time, and in the case of evaporative cooled units, minimize water use. The information display can provide a number of critical parameters so that operators can quickly see unit status. Password protected data behind the main display provides detailed information on all unit sensors, operating schedules, warning and alarm conditions, and manual overrides.

  • Digital control accuracy for optimum performance
  • User-defined critical parameter monitoring on top level display
  • Password protected access to all sensor data
  • Password protected schedule access
  • Warning and alarm condition display and notification
  • Password protected overrides