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Mestex Mission Critical Air Handling Units are designed specifically to provide large volumes of filtered and tempered air for large to hyperscale data centers. Units can be configured to deliver from 40,000 cfm to 120,000 cfm in a single piece construction for reduced field labor. Multiple fan options and cooling methods including evaporative, DX, or CHW are available. Controls and control algorithms are designed to customer specifications. Air handlers can accommodate up to 100% outside air for optimum energy efficiency when the ambient conditions will allow. Typical unit designs incorporate foam filled double wall construction, lockable access doors, and reinforced double layer floors. All units are factory tested and can be ETL certified for safety. AHU units are intended for installation within the data hall mechanical corridor.


  • 40,000 to 120,000 cfm air delivery
  • Fan array configurations with fixed or variable speed EC or AC motors
  • Foam filled steel or aluminum double wall construction
  • Available UV water treatment combined with in-line water filtration for evaporative cooling units
  • Mixing dampers for tighter temperature control when using outside air for cooling
  • Copper internal piping
  • Fire/smoke rated evaporative media
  • First article testing for water carryover, cfm delivery, cabinet pressure, damper leakage, controls functionality
  • Air filtration up to HEPA levels when required
Mestex produces fan arrays using

AMCA certified air handlers

Factory Balanced and Mounted!

Depending upon the required air delivery, Mestex produces fan arrays using AMCA certified air handlers with individual motors. Motors can be AC with fixed or inverter drives. Motors can also be EC type for maximum efficiency. All fan/motor assemblies are factory balanced and mounted to mitigate transferred vibration and harmonics. Individual fan backdraft dampers can be specified when necessary. Service access for larger arrays includes an overhead rail for mounting motor hoist equipment.

Filter Rack Designed for

Reduced Face Velocity

Filter Supplies Avaliable!

Filter options range from MERV13 up to HEPA. Filter rack designed for reduced face velocity and low air bypass. Start up filters and initial filter supply can be included with order.

Manufactured With

All Copper Piping

Factory Tested!

Evaporative cooling units are manufactured with all copper piping up to the distribution header. All joints are factory tested for leaks. In-line water filters with optional UV treatment are included. Panel thru holes are protected with grommets as are all mounting brackets. Distribution piping is isolated with manual shut off valves for service. Redundant pumps are provided when specified. Drains are sloped to exit the unit base.

Precise Temperature And Airflow Control With

Factory Standard or Customer Controls

Control Strategies To Meet Customer Specs

Over the past 20 years Mestex has provided factory installed and programmed DDC controls for virtually all products. The Mestex Mission Critical controls were developed and refined over 5 years of testing and evaluation by the four top universities engaged in the National Science Foundation research program on data center cooling. The same knowledge that lead to the development of the standard factory controls can be applied to assist customers if they choose to specify their own controls. Factory standard DDC controls can provide a wealth of real time data and user specific setpoints. All levels of the software can be password protected to prevent unauthorized access.